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Nomenclator Books

is a series of four exciting historical novels set in the final, pivotal years of the Roman Republic, setting the future course of history.

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Come join the adventure and watch the world of ancient Rome come alive!

The novels of the Nomenclator series follow the rise of Julius Caesar from his early political career to dictator and master of the Roman world as witnessed through the eyes of his trusted confidant and nomenclator, the slave Polybius Tychaeus. In this series, the world of ancient Rome comes alive in all its tumult and glory. While observing the political intrigue at Rome, the conquest of Gaul, the civil war, the fall of the republic and rise of the Principate, Polybius meets some of the most famous and infamous men and women of the ancient world. He shares his world with the likes of Cicero, Cato, Marc Antony, Cleopatra, Pompey the Great, Crassus, Vercingetorix, and, of course, Gaius Julius Caesar. Through it all, Polybius is at Caesar's side, sharing his tribulations and triumphs up until that fateful March morning that changed the world forever. The pivotal events portrayed in the Nomenclator series follow Rome from its place as a great republic to a republic in name only but a monarchy in fact. While a work of fiction, the Nomenclator series portrays the events that set the foundation for Western Civilization.

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