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Latin - The language of the Roman Empire.

Latium - Italian region that Rome was located in.

Legate (Legatus) - A general in the Roman army, equivalent to a modern general officer. Being of senatorial rank, his immediate superior was the dux (provincial governor), and he outranked all military tribunes.

Legion (Republican) - the basic ancient Roman army unit recruited specifically from Roman citizens.

Lesbos - A Greek island located in the northeastern Aegean Sea and sometimes referred to as Mytilini after its capital.

Lictors - A Roman civil servant tasked with attending and guarding the magistrates who held imperium. The lictors were armed (mostly symbolically) with bundles of sticks when within the city walls, to represent the power to punish. Outside the city walls the bundles of sticks were wrapped around axes to represent the power of life and death.

Litter - A piece of furniture mounted on a platform and carried by (usually human) muscle power.

Lucretius - Poet and philosopher who advocated the existence of man on a natural scientific level. He lived from c. 99 BC – c. 55 BC.

Lucius Seneca – See Seneca character page.

Lycia - Ancient coastal region of southwest Turkey. Lycia became a protectorate of Rome in 168 BC to later be made a province.

Macedonia - Roman Province located north-east of the Greek mainland and northwest of Asia Minor.

Magistrates - Elected officials, holding various levels of imperium, responsible for administrating the Republic.

Marcus Antonius – See Marcus Antonius character page.

Mars Field - See Campus Martius.

Medicine – A mix of limited scientific knowledge and a deeply rooted religious/mythical system.

Medicus – Roman practitioner of medicine.

Mela - Marcus Annaeus Mela, younger brother to Lucius Seneca.

Minucius Thermus – Commander of the forces who subdued the island of Lesbos and it’s capitol, Mytilene in 79 BC.

Mithridates VI - King of Pontus and major enemy of Rome.

Mytilene – Capitol city of the island of Lesbos. Polybius Tychaeus’ mother was, while pregnant with him, taken captive and sold into slavery after the fall of the city.

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